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SENECA was a leading philosopher in the Roman Imperial era. He was the founding father of stoicism and was Born ‘Lucius Annaeus Seneca’ in Corduba, Spain [Circa 4 BC]. His philosophy was that life and love were an eternal daily challenge, and that we must learn to welcome challenges and opportunities in order to succeed and grow. This philosophy is never more true as today. We live in a world of Gen Z and Digital Natives  with same day delivery from Amazon Prime and Netflix.

SENECA was a rebel with a cause and we love him.

His quotes are many and Famous and have come back to life in modern media with fans ranging from Tim Ferris , Joe Rogan on Spotify , and Ryan Holiday selling Stoicism as a life hack. SENECA was a rebel with a cause and we love him. 

As of 2022 SENECA Digital are proud to honor his name and philosophy on life. We use it to power forward and as a growth lever in a digital world of mobile commerce and global technology . From SEO to eCommerce, our digital agency will mix modern technology and classic marketing as used by David Ogilvy to rank your business online. Results are where we differ from the rest.

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